A bicycle commute turned inter-continental, worldcycling adventure. The ultimate 25,000 mile detour.

A decade ago I saw a book at work called The Man Who Cycled The World. Suffering depression from the stress of London life and a lifelong struggle with OCD & Tourettes, I stumbled upon the world of cycle touring, threw some bags on my commuter bike and escaped to the continent with a camera, tent and my eyes to horizon to begin a new life on the open road. That was 2011. I’ve lived on a bike ever since.

Silk Road, Uzbekistan

On The Kyrgyz Plateaus

At the age of 27, I abandoned a career in filmmaking, sold my possessions & left behind the life I’d built, from friends to family, in search of something more. The journey grew from small bike ride across France into an epic, round-the-world, charity adventure known as The Lifecycle. A challenge to pedal full circle, east from London via 3 continents: Euroasia, Australia & America from Istanbul to Baku, Kashgar to Bangkok, Sydney & New York, raising support and awareness for mental health.

Bike No.2 Sixty, East Coast Oz

“I discovered peace of mind & renewed creativity through writing & photography”

4 Years On in Washington DC

The Change

4 Years On

After 4 years I’d scaled The Alps, Himalayas and Sierra. Crossed the deserts of Central Asia, China and Oz. Navigated the jungles of Nam and the grasslands of The Midwest. I’d been bankrupt twice, homeless in Hong Kong, a tomato-picker, caravan-painter, school-spokesman, Turkish breakfast-maker, outback-electrician and the source of many news reports as I headed ever east, gaining support as I rode.

There were crashes, snow storms, wild dog chases, deadly mountain passes and attacks on my tent but, after years spent sleeping by the roadside, sipping tea with nomads and pedalling hundreds of miles a day, I discovered peace of mind and a renewed creativity through writing and photography. Opening up in magazines, talks and exhibits on mental health and my life as a full-time, adventuring photographer.

Riding the GAP

A book chronicling the story is in the works via Kickstarter. Stay tuned for Endless Horizon.